Oxbridge Biblical Studies Conference 2015: Paper Lineup

The agenda for the Oxbridge Biblical Studies Conference on May 1, 2015, is set. We have a great group of presenters and an interesting faculty discussion on the schedule, as well as a “field trip” to visit  a collection of ancient manuscripts.

*** (Updated on May 4 with photos from the event) ***

There will be four NT papers, each with a respondent, as well as 6 OT papers. At mid-day, we will visit the Cairo Genizah collection housed at the Cambridge University Library, where we will view various biblical and secular manuscripts.

During lunch, Dr. James Carleton-Paget will moderate a faculty panel among representatives from both Oxford and Cambridge on the topic, “The Future of Biblical Studies in a Cross-Disciplinary World.” This should be a fascinating discussion on the future of NT and OT studies as specific disciplines.

The papers titles are as follows. Click here to view the full abstracts and the agenda.

New Testament Program

Secrecy or Incomprehension? Shifting the Centre of Gravity in Mark’s ‘Messianic Secret’
Mateus de Campos, Cambridge University
Respondent:Matthew Thomas, Oxford University

Irenaeus and Works of the Law: An Early Perspective on Paul
Matthew Thomas, Oxford University
Respondent: Peter Gurry, Cambridge University

Matthew 23.2-3 and ‘Jewish-Christian Relations’: What is Jesus’ Relationship to Scribal/Pharisaical Authority?
Simeon Burke, Cambridge University
Respondent: Richard Zetter, Oxford University

Songs and Song-Books: The Second Temple Background of the Biblical Odes
Jeremiah Coogan, Oxford University
Respondent: Jim Prothro, Cambridge University

Old Testament Program

Isaiah 41:18-20 as Anti-Assyrian Polemic?
Cat Quine, Oxford University

Matriarch of Israel or Misnomer? Israelite Self-Identification in Ancient Israelite Law Code and the Implications for Ruth
Andrew Niggemann, Cambridge University

Developing a New Approach to Comparative Mythology
Marten Krijgsman, Oxford University

The Interpretive Significance of Variant Repetition in Proverbs 1-9 and 10:1-22:16
Arthur Keefer, Cambridge University

Construction, Agency, and Action of a Biblical Text in 2 Kings 22-23
Peter Gent, Oxford University

Language and Style in LXX Judges: Hapax Legomena
William A. Ross, Cambridge University

Photos from the event

Presentation at Cairo Genizah collection at the University Library
Examining Cairo Genizah manuscripts
Faculty panel on "The Future of Biblical Studies in a Cross-Disciplinary World"
Faculty panel on “The Future of Biblical Studies in a Cross-Disciplinary World”
Peter Gurry responding to Matt Thomas in the NT Seminar
Peter Gurry responding to Matt Thomas in the NT Seminar

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