This page includes various opportunities for which I have had an opportunity to teach, including

Preaching   |   Academic Teaching   |   Teaching within the Church


To access sermon audio recordings, click here or on the image of the the download folder below to go to Box.com. Once you are there, sorting by name or date will allow you to see the most recent at the top.


Academic Teaching

  1. My day job is at Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando), where I teach the following courses (for more information on them, send me an email):
    • Greek I and II
    • Gospels
    • Acts & the Pauline Epistles (as well as separate sections for each “half” at other campuses, e.g., Acts-Romans and Pauline Epistles [minus Romans])
    • Preaching Lab I and II
    • Septuagint Readings
    • Gospel of John
    • Greek Readings
    • New Testament Survey for MAC
  2. Other venues
    • “Reading Scripture Redemptive-Historically,” Teaching Women to Teach at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 5 March 2018 (more…)

Teaching in the Church

  • River Oaks Church Adult Education:
    • As part of my role as associate pastor, I generally teach every Sunday as we work our way through a sequence of Bible, theology, and worldview
    • Visit the church’s Adult Sunday School page for more information
  • Christ Church Cambridge, Autumn Seminars, 2014. I taught a four-part series on OT and NT canon entitled. Lesson notes and audio can be found here.
  • Uptown Church Adult Education: As both a layperson and an intern at Uptown church, I have taught or co-taught several 2 month Adult Sunday school series. For audio or lesson notes for any of these, feel free to contact me.
    • The Clash of Monotheisms: Christian Encounter with Islam (May-June 2013)
    • From Eden to Exile: A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament (Mar-April 2013)
    • The Return of the King: A Study of Revelation (January-February 2013)
    • Shoring up the Foundations – Biblical Authority in an Age that Questions Everything (September-October, 2012)
    • You May Text, but God Still Calls – Discerning and Pursuing Your Calling (

      May-June 2012)

    • Your Greatest Doubts & Fears – How Christians Can Face Their Toughest Challenges (January-February 2012)
    • PCA 101 – Hot Topics and Debates in our Denomination (May-June 2011)
    • How Firm a Foundation – Grasping the Core Truths of the Christian Faith (July-August 2010)
    • The Gospel According to Luke (September-December 2009)
    • Nine Christians Who Changed the World (July-August 2009)
  • Uptown Church Small Group Studies: While at Uptown, I also co-led small groups (couples and singles) for three years. During this time, I helped teach on the following topics. For lesson notes for any of these, feel free to contact me.
    • Studies in 1 Peter
    • Studies in Isaiah
    • Studies on the Sermon on the Mount
    • Studies on the the Offices of Christ (Prophet, Priest, and King)
    • Studies in Daniel
    • Studies in the Westminster Confession of Faith


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