This page includes various opportunities for which I have had an opportunity to teach, including

Preaching   |   Academic Teaching   |   Teaching within the Church


Click on the sermon titles below to access audio recordings of each sermon.

  1. 1 Timothy 3:14–4:5: One Truth and Two Lies (2/4/2018 at River Oaks Church)
  2. Matthew 2:1323: A Persecuted Son (12/24/2017 at River Oaks Church)
  3. Matthew 2:1–12: A King You’d Least Expect (12/17/2017 at River Oaks Church)
  4. Ephesians 2:1–10: Sola Gratia (11/5/2017 at River Oaks Church)
  5. 1 Timothy 2:1–8: State, Church, and the One Lord of All (10/23/2017 at River Oaks Church)
  6. Romans 15:14-211: I Will Not Speak of Anything Except (10/4/2017 at RTS-O chapel)
  7. John 12:20–43: He Saw His Glory (9/21/2017 at Reformation Bible College chapel service)
  8. Philemon: Life Together (8/20/2017 at River Oaks Church)
  9. Isaiah 63:1–14: The Winepress and the Wine (6/25/2017 at River Oaks Church)
  10. Isaiah 56:1–57:13: Becoming Who You Are (5/14/2017 at River Oaks Church)
  11. Isaiah 54: We Have to Go Through It (4/30/2017 at River Oaks Church)
  12. Luke 22:1–23: The Glory Beyond the Suffering (3/5/2017 at River Oaks Church)
  13. Isa 50:1–51:8: The Servant is Disgraced (2/12/2017 at River Oaks Church)
  14. Heb 10:1–10: A Body Prepared (12/18/2016 at River Oaks Church)
  15. Deut 5:18: You Shall Not Commit Adultery (11/2/2016 at RTS-O chapel)
  16. Isaiah 42:10–25: The Bad News of the Good News (10/30/2016 at River Oaks Church)
  17. Isaiah 37: The End of Ourselves (9/11/2016 at River Oaks Church)
  18. 2 Tim 3:1–9: Godlessness in the Last Days (3/16/2016 at RTS-O chapel)
  19. Luke 24:13–49: The Gospel According to the Old Testament (4/30/2015 at RTS-O chapel)
  20. Luke 24:36–52: Ascension Glory (4/12/2016 at Christ Church Cambridge)
  21. Proverbs 24:30–34: Wisdom’s Guide to Working Well (11/9/2014 at Christ Church Cambridge)
  22. Psalm 112: The Power and Pattern of Godly Obedience (4/17/2014 at Christ Church Cambridge)
  23. Mark 8:11–21: Do You Even Remember What I Just Did? (4/27/2014 at Christ Church Cambridge)
  24. Luke 20:9–19: Rejected Stone, or Cornerstone, But Nothing In Between (9/1/2013 at Macedonia Moravian Church)
  25. Exod 35:30–36:5: Avoiding the Pitfalls of an Ikea Ministry (4/23/2013 at RTS-C chapel)
  26. Luke 7:36–50: Jesus Flips the Script (4/16/2013 at RTS)
  27. Jeremiah 23:1–8: Looking Back to Look Forward (4/7/2013 at Uptown Church)
  28. Matt 2:1–12: Which Wise Man are You? (3/12/2013 at RTS)
  29. 1 Sam 8:1–22: A Demand for a King (2/19/2013 at RTS)
  30. Rev 12:1–6,17: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Nativity (12/16/2012 at Oak Grove United Method Church)
  31. Numbers 4:1-33: The Tabernacle Setup Crew (8/12/2012 at Bethlehem United Method Church)
  32. Ecclesiastes 1:1-3, 12:9-14: Getting Above the Sun (8/5/2012 at Macedonia Moravian Church)
  33. 1 Thess 4:1-8: Abounding in Purity (3/28/2012 at RTS)
  34. Isaiah 7: Standing Firm in Immanuel (12/4/2011 at Macedonia Moravian Church)
  35. Ephesians 4:17-24: Shining Light on a Dark Mind (11/29/2011 at RTS)
  36. Genesis 46:1-47:28: A Sojourn in the Shadow of Death (8/21/2011 at Uptown Church)

Academic Teaching

  1. My day job is at Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando), where I teach the following courses (for more information on them, send me an email):
    • Greek I and II
    • Gospels
    • Acts & the Pauline Epistles (as well as separate sections for each “half” at other campuses, e.g., Acts-Romans and Pauline Epistles [minus Romans])
    • Preaching Lab I and II
    • Septuagint Readings
  2. Guest Lecture in Homiletics I: Part 1 and Part 2
    • October 2, 2012 at RTS Charlotte
    • As teaching assistant for Dr. John Oliver at Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte), I had the privilege of teaching one of the weekly sessions of Homiletics I while he was away. This particular class covered three elements of basic sermon preparation:  structure, explanation, and transitions.
    • Lesson notes are available as well.

Teaching in the Church

  • Christ Church Cambridge, Autumn Seminars, 2014. I taught a four-part series on OT and NT canon entitled. Lesson notes and audio can be found here.
  • Uptown Church Adult Education: As both a layperson and an intern at Uptown church, I have taught or co-taught several 2 month Adult Sunday school series. For audio or lesson notes for any of these, feel free to contact me.
    • The Clash of Monotheisms: Christian Encounter with Islam (May-June 2013)
    • From Eden to Exile: A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament (Mar-April 2013)
    • The Return of the King: A Study of Revelation (January-February 2013)
    • Shoring up the Foundations – Biblical Authority in an Age that Questions Everything (September-October, 2012)
    • You May Text, but God Still Calls – Discerning and Pursuing Your Calling (

      May-June 2012)

    • Your Greatest Doubts & Fears – How Christians Can Face Their Toughest Challenges (January-February 2012)
    • PCA 101 – Hot Topics and Debates in our Denomination (May-June 2011)
    • How Firm a Foundation – Grasping the Core Truths of the Christian Faith (July-August 2010)
    • The Gospel According to Luke (September-December 2009)
    • Nine Christians Who Changed the World (July-August 2009)
  • Uptown Church Small Group Studies: While at Uptown, I also co-led small groups (couples and singles) for three years. During this time, I helped teach on the following topics. For lesson notes for any of these, feel free to contact me.
    • Studies in 1 Peter
    • Studies in Isaiah
    • Studies on the Sermon on the Mount
    • Studies on the the Offices of Christ (Prophet, Priest, and King)
    • Studies in Daniel
    • Studies in the Westminster Confession of Faith

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