“So, What is Your Dissertation topic?”

As I have engaged in conversations with various people in my life regarding our decision to pursue this step of additional education and research at Cambridge, roughly 50% of folks have ventured into the uncharted waters of asking me the question, “So, what is your dissertation topic?” (The other 50% were probably wise to keep it to other matters!)

In a single sentence, my research topic is as follows. I aim to demonstrate that the NT authors who quote the OT “stone” passages in powerful and important ways in Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts, Romans, and 1 Peter, are drawing their rhetorical power from the multi-faceted and ambiguous nature of the “stone” as a metaphor, which shaped the preconceptions of their hearing and reading audiences in such a way that the quotations themselves achieve remarkable results. (I didn’t say it would be a short sentence!)

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Purpose of this Website

Is Another “Biblioblog” Really Needed?

One may rightfully ask – given there are approximately 633 million websites in the world[1] – whether another is needed. Likewise, one may further ask whether yet another website focused on the Bible is needed. Both are valid questions, especially given that there are only so many hours in the day to read. My goal of hosting a personal ministry and writing-based website is fairly modest, however, as I have no ability nor credentials to go head-to-head with the more popular multi-author sites (Reformation 21, Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, etc.) or even the better known blogs within the biblical studies world (e.g., WrightGoodacre, HurtadoKruger).

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Connecting Biblical Scholarship to the Church