Announcing Septuaginta: A Reader’s Edition

Today, Will Ross and I are excited to announce the upcoming release of Septuaginta: A Reader’s Edition. This two-volume book is the culmination of over four years of labor, and it will be released by Hendrickson later this year.

lxx-coming soonA “reader’s edition” provides a printed form of the entirety of an ancient text in its original language (in this case, Greek), so that the reader is fully immersed in it without the distractions and crutches offered by computer/digital tools. However, instead of providing an apparatus of variant readings at the bottom, it provides a running set of footnotes giving the reader assistance with difficult vocabulary. It also provides other aids, such as English sub-headers, to help the reader along.

Our edition takes Rahlfs-Hanhart as the textual base—the Greek OT plus the apocryphal writings—and includes over 125,000 vocabulary footnotes at the bottom of the page. We are on track to release it at ETS/SBL later this year, where Will and I will also make two presentations related to the project.

You can stay tuned at For a bit more about the project, see Will’s post introducing the project.

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