Reading Scripture Redemptive-Historically

Tonight I had the privilege to teach at RTS-Orlando’s Teaching Women to Teach initiative. About 110 women from dozens of churches around central Florida have been gathering monthly since January to study Scripture in more depth and develop/hone tools for teaching and applying Scripture in various ministry capacities.

MDiv student Jennie Campa kicked off the evening by sharing her personal testimony using a Creation-Fall-Redemption-Consummation framework. Then my colleague Nicholas Reid discussed how to think through cultural background issues—people, places, customs, languages, economics, etc.—in approaching Scripture. He included a great discussion on the importance of understanding Scripture itself as an important reservoir for “background” information (using Amos 5 and the list of cities of significance as a case study).

I was asked to teach on “redemptive history.” When Leigh Swanson asked me to do that topic, I thought she was joking, since that is basically asking someone to teach the entire Bible in one sitting! It was a fun challenge. The materials are provided below. I hope they are helpful!


During the discussion, I also made reference to the Redemptive-Historical Bible Reading Plan (posted previously), which I prepared for TWTT (but also for anyone who is interested in using it).

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