“Jesus told stories to make himself easier to understand”

20170910_203840A while back I was invited to participate in what was originally slated to be a series over at The Gospel Coalition on the “difficult words of Jesus.” I drew the “Parable of the Sower”-vis-a-vis-Isaiah 6:10 passage, for which I was delighted. It’s a challenging text, and one which is central to understanding Jesus’ parables. In my writeup, I make the case that, as Jesus reveals via his use of the OT, he doesn’t teach in story form to make himself easier to understand—contrary to popular conception—but almost the opposite, at least for those who do not have “ears to hear.”

As it (I assume) turns out, the broader series is not happening, so my contribution appeared recently as a standalone article. Without the context of the broader series, it probably seems rather random and a bit curmudgeonly (not unlike my unintentionally sort-of-viral Saul/Paul writeup: TGC, but originally here), but it wasn’t really intended that way.

(It also happened to appear right as hurricane Irma was approaching. Most trolls will say, “Don’t we have more important things to worry about?” Yep…but I didn’t pick the timing.)

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