Reading the Psalms with Jesus

Tonight I got to spend part of the evening with a group of students at Reformation Bible College, as part of their biweekly Abide fellowship. Lots of familiar faces from my church were there.

I did a short talk on how to read (at least some of) the psalms in the way Jesus (and other NT writers) guide us to read them. Not merely as anticipating him, but as giving voice to his own words and in many ways shaping his identity.

We began by looking at how Psalm 110 (via Luke 20:41-44) and Psalm 2 (via its role in Jesus’ baptism and transfiguration) are, in many respects, the hermeneutical key by which the apostles realized just who exactly Jesus was/is. These psalms also, according to Jesus’ own exegesis, were David’s recording of a conversation between the Son (in his pre-existence and ultimately his incarnation) and the Father. From there, we spent the bulk of our time working through Psalm 22 and how it provides the salvation narrative for Jesus’ own self-identity, suffering, and vindication—as understood by Jesus himself and the other NT authors who draw upon the psalm. It’s truly fascinating and edifying to mirror-read the psalm against the places in the NT where it is cited directly and echoed indirectly.

If interested, have a listen (and be sure to use the handout to follow along).

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