Covenant Theology 101 at River Oaks

Starting Sunday, March 12, I will begin a 10-week series on Covenant Theology at our church. It is appropriate to do so this year, of course—as we celebrate the 500-yr anniversary of the start of the Reformation—given the centrality of covenant theology to the vast majority of Reformers.

I’m particularly excited to teach this series, for my own encounter with the covenant substructure of God’s saving work (and the Scriptures that record it) a few years ago was nothing other than completely transformative for my faith. Few if any loci within systematic theology—and one wonders whether you can really call the covenants a loci, given how they touch all the others in some way—are more engaging, exciting, and illuminating to me than this one. I look forward to working through it with our church, and hopefully some will catch the fever (if they haven’t already).

The outline is as follows; audio and handouts will be posted on the church website.

  • Overview of the Doctrine of the Covenants
  • Covenant of Works
  • Covenant of Grace: Adam & Noah
  • Covenant of Grace: Abraham
  • Covenant of Grace: Moses/Sinai
  • Covenant of Grace: David
  • Covenant of Grace: New Covenant Anticipated
  • Covenant of Grace: New Covenant Realized
  • Applying Covenant Theology: Sacraments
  • Applying Covenant Theology: Reading Your Bible Well

Kudos to our church administrator, Bárbara, for crafting a fantastic and subtle graphic for the series that encapsulates nicely the Covenant of Grace in pictorial form.

(The astute observer will note that I do not have a separate class for the Covenant of Redemption [pactum salutis for the cool kids]. I will cover it in class 1 briefly. I’m still on the fence about whether it is theologically necessary to separate this from the Covenant of Grace [if properly construed]. It’s not something I really get too vexed about either way, and I appreciate aspects of both the bi-covenantal and tri-covenantal ways of configuring the data. So hyper-Bavinckians can relax and get back to your pale ales. I’m still on your team.)


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