Primer on Recent Developments in Koine Greek, Aimed at Pastors and Teachers

Update: See interaction with this article over at the Evangelical Textual Criticism Blog. 

In the most recent issue of Reformed Faith & Practice (, I have contributed a somewhat lengthy (!) overview of several developments in Greek, as well as a detailed review of two new intermediate grammars that were published nearly simultaneously this summer.


The article is dedicated to two important pastors in my own life who have exemplified how one should continue “staying sharp” in their use of the biblical languages in ministry: Rev. Dr. Tom Hawkes (Uptown Church) and Rev. David Camera (River Oaks Church).

More on the Primer

The two books are Going Deeper with New Testament Greek (Köstenberger/Merkle/Plummer) and Intermediate Greek Grammar (Mathewson/Emig). In the article I review them in detail as well as jointly in order to reflect on some of the common conclusions of both that I found fascinating and important for setting the direction of future Greek studies.

From there, I delve into nine areas of Greek study which have seen advances in recent years and, thus, deserve attention by any student, pastor, or Bible teacher. They are as follows:

  • Greek Verb System
    • Aspect
    • Tense
    • Aktionsart
    • Middle voice and so-called “deponency”
  • Other issues
    • Lexical semantics
    • CBGM and changes to NA28/UBS5
    • Pronunciation
    • Discourse Analysis
    • Software tools

To view a PDF of the article, click here.*

(*This is a pre-press version, since the exporting process of the final version has distorted nearly all the Greek and several charts/tables. I am in contact with the editors to get this remedied.)


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