Cambridge New Testament Seminar, Michaelmas Term 2015

The lineup of scholars for the Cambridge New Testament Seminar from October through December has just been posted. Quite a diverse mix of topics this term.

garrowOctober 13: Alan Garrow

Title: “Streeter’s ‘Other’ Synoptic Solution: The Matthew Conflator Hypothesis”

Dr. Garrow (D.Phil Oxford) is a visiting scholar at the Sheffield Interdisciplinary Institute for Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield. He specializes in the Synoptic problem, the Didache, and the book of Revelation. For those unable to attend, Dr. Garrow has presented on the topic of the “Matthew Conflator Hypothesis” (MCH) in other forums (one of which can be found here).

October 27: Jane McLarty12745

Title: “Why isn’t Thecla martyred? The narrative of suffering in the Acts of Paul”

Dr. McLarty is a senior tutor of Wolfson College and affiliated lecture in the faculty of divinity at Cambridge University.  Her research interests are in the interaction of early Christianity with classical culture as well as Greek.

November 10: Peter Tomson

Title: “The Epistles of Paul as a Source for the Historical Pharisees”

Professor Tomson is a faculty member at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and specializes in ancient Judaism, early Christianity, late antiquity, Diaspora Judaism, and Hellenism.

December 1: Paul MiddletonPaul_Middleton

Title: “Treading on the Dragon’s Head: The Development of Satanology in the Acts of the Martyrs”

Dr. Middleton is Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of Chester. His research interests include Ancient Jewish and Christian Martyrdom, Early Christianity, and Violence and Religion.

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