Cambridge New Testament Seminar, Easter Term 2015

The lineup of scholars for the Cambridge New Testament Seminar from May through June has just been posted. I’m particularly excited about the first and second presentations.

BuistMay 5: Buist Fanning

Title: “Greek Verb Tenses in John’s Apocalypse: Issues in Verbal Aspect, Discourse Analysis, and Diachronic Change”

Professor Fanning is a long-time professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and is a world-leading scholar in the area of Greek linguistics, particularly with respect to the verbal system. He and his wife Jan have been spending his sabbatical in Cambridge for several months as he writes a commentary on Revelation. Both are fantastic, godly Christians to be around.

ChrisMay 19: Chris Thomson

Title: “Righteousness in the Hebrew Bible and Misconceptions in New Testament Scholarship”

Dr. Thomson is a post-doctoral research fellow at Cambridge University, based at Tyndale House. He is also an affiliated lecturer in Biblical Hebrew. His research primarily focuses on sin and its removal in the Hebrew Bible as well as lexical semantics. He presented research last year on tsedek (as it relates to “justification” language in the NT, with particular reference to N.T. Wright) which I unfortunately missed, so I am excited to have a chance to hear from him this time around.

PaulMay 26: Paul Trebilco

Title: “The Different Function of Outsider Labels in 1 Corinthians, Romans and 1 Thessalonians”

Professor Trebilco teaches NT at the University of Otago in New Zealand. He has done extensive research in the pastoral epistles, Greco-Roman and Jewish backgrounds of the NT, Acts, the apostle Paul, and much more. He is also currently the General Editor of the Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series, published by Cambridge University Press.

On June 11, there will also be a day celebrating the work of Dr. Andrew Chester, who is retiring. There will be papers by David Horrell, Justin Meggitt, Robert Morgan, and Chris Rowland.

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