New Sermon: Psalm 112

Yesterday I was blessed with the opportunity to preach at Christ Church Cambridge (prior time here). One of the things about which we are most thankful at this church is the active interest the senior and associate pastors take in giving folks in my situation opportunities to develop pastorally through a variety of avenues. One of them is the occasional invitation to preach. I’m thankful for the chance to speak about God’s goodness and, hopefully, be a part of the Holy Spirit’s work in shaping and transforming lives of believers and non-believers in our adopted city.

The passage was Psalm 112, which is actually a bit of a tricky text given that it, like many psalms, can come across as “Be good, do good, and God will bless you.”

The proposition I developed was as follows: Out of the power of Christ’s completed work, let us live out a pattern of godly obedience.

The outline:

  • Power: God’s work on our behalf
  • Pattern: Our response of godly obedience
    1. Heart: delight in God’s commandments
    2. Actions: living out God’s purposes
    3. Heart: security in God’s love
  • Power for the Pattern: Christ’s obedience on our behalf

Audio can be found here.

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