Oxbridge Biblical Studies Conference 2014

Each year the Old Testament and New Testament graduate students at Oxford University and Cambridge University gather together in May for a student-led conference. The location of the event alternates each year between the two institutions, and this year the academic throw-down will be hosted by Oxford and take place at Keble College.

This conference is a fantastic opportunity for students to present some aspect of their research to receive feedback from peers. It is often difficult as a student to get a slot to present something at a bigger conference, where the “pros” play. So this conference fills a void whereby we can learn from one another and gain experience in the important skill of “giving papers,” which is a key part of any academic researcher’s job description.

The lineup for this year’s event is as follows. The program flyer can be downloaded for more details.

New Testament

Four 30-minute presentations, each followed by a 10-minute response.

  1. “Rapprochement, Subversion or Apologetic? Reassessing the Function of Greek Philosophy in Paul’s Speech in Athens (Acts 17:16–34)”
  2. “Early Christian Hymns? A Look at Manuscript Colometry”
  3. “The Strange Case of Δικαιόω in the Septuagint and Paul: Prolegomena to the Study of Justification in Paul”
  4. “Faith, Works, and Justification in 1 Clement”
    • Given by Matthew Thomas (Ox)
    • Respondent: Jim Prothro (Cam)

Old Testament

Six 20-minute presentations.

  1. “‘We are Like Water Spilled on the Ground’ (2 Sam 14:14): The Tekoite’s Curse- based Rhetoric and its Function in 2 Sam 14-18”
  2. “Aspects of Absence: A Dialogue on the Divine in the Megilloth
  3. “After Eden: Interpreting Eve in Genesis 4”
  4. “Wisdom and Temple Building: The Nature of Wisdom in 1 Kings 5:15-9:25”
  5. “Revisiting the Archaeology of the Lachish Letters”
  6. “Ben Sira’s use of biblical nature-lists in Sir 43:11-19”

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