New Sermon: Mark 8:11–21

Earlier today I had the opportunity to preach at Christ Church Cambridge, where we currently attend during our Cambridge sojourn. We have found a most welcoming home at Christ Church. The philosophy of the church and, in particular, the two ministers, is to foster and encourage the pastoral development of those in the flock who (like me) are pursuing a long-term calling to the ministry. So I was humbled and delighted to be extended the opportunity to preach, given that an expatriate with a Southern accent and a desire to keep serving in some way while abroad cannot necessary presume such chances will automatically be there. So I’m quite grateful, and I hope to be able to do so again.

The passage was Mark 8:11–21, which, admittedly, is a bit of an unusual passage. I worked through three main points:

  1. Unbelief sees only lesser things and demands greater things
  2. Unbelief forgets the greater things and worries about the lesser things
  3. Believe: the greater thing guarantees the lesser things

I have posted audio from the sermonOther sermons are available on my Teaching page.

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